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The EAA founder and tutor Sue Bird is a FE trained South East Leicestershire artist, sculptor and designer, who also teaches design, art therapy and meditation.

Sue's pictures and bronzes form nationwide collections, of mixed media equestrian illustration, pastels, oil painting and sculpting (to full size). Design background includes winning Royal Society of Arts Ceramic Tile (Pattern) Design in 1976, and Commendation for Tableware (Pattern) Design in 1977, and The British Lipizzaner Horse Society (European Logo) Design in 1993.

A close relationship with horses led Sue to publishing AIRS APPARENT, a seven year study of the Airs or Schools - movements found in nature (natural and extraordinary movement as observed by the Greek General Xenophon in the 4th century BC), Airs which Sue 'rediscovered’ in the formative years of an exuberant Lipizzaner foal. See Gallery

One of the Horses of Selene, British Museum
(Sculpture by Phideas)

In celebrating the Millennium Sue ran a studio and manège field exposition initiated by the East Midlands Arts 2000 Open Galleries and Workshops week called "Captured Moments in Time", during which the iconography of the unique landscape, the research and illustrations of over two dozen oil sketches were exhibited alongside aspects of classical training (classical riding).

After FE teacher training Sue formed the EquArts Atelier (EAA). Learner feedback drives the lesson planning within a classically inspired six level step-by-step syllabus - A System for Drawing Horses in the 21st Century (DH21) (Copyright Susan T Bird). The aim of these drawing courses is to bring drawing criteria to the fore, to make it fun and optimise (indeed pioneer new) standards of observation and technical drawing - to bring craft back into the art. These address the needs and confidence of the artist and non-artist, equestrian and non-equestrian, learners from all walks of life and all stages from beginner to professional. See Courses, Atelier & Studio

The founder and tutor Susan T Bird is an Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists. Examples of her two and three dimensional art work may be seen on - Gallery.